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2011 Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize

The invitation only 2011 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize will be hosted at the Tattersall's Club of Brisbane between Monday 5th to Friday 9th September. The winner will be announced at the Opening Night Cocktail Party, Wednesday 7th. The exhibition will be on display to the general public in the foyer of Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street Brisbane, between Monday 12th - Friday 23rd September.

For all information and sales enquiries, please contact Bernie Hollett on (07) 3219 7217 or 0418 182 922.

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2011 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize:

Joe Furlonger
'Wet Summer, Darling Downs'

FURLONGER, Joe - Wet Summer, Darling Downs.JPG

Congratulations to the Highly Commended:

Tom Carment

'Port Botany'

Chris Langlois

'Darkwood No. 1'

CARMENT, Tom - Port Botany.jpg

LANGLOIS, Chris - Darkwood No. 1.jpg

Congratulations to the Commended:

Michael Eather
'Bass Strait Suite'

Genevieve Kemmar Loy

EATHER, Michael - Bass Strait Suite.jpg

KEMARR LOY, Genevieve - Akwerlkerrmwerlkerr.JPG

Congratulations to the winner of the 2011 Tattersall's Club Members Choice Award:

Drew Gregory
'Outback Letterbox'

GREGORY, Drew - Outback Letterbox.jpg

Below are the images of all of the entries for the 2011 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize. For all information and sales enquiries, please contact Bernie Hollett on (07) 3219 7217 or 0418 182 922.

Lisa Adams


Peter Anderson

'Cockpit Study'

Jason Benjamin


ADAMS, Lisa - Avalanche.jpg ANDERSON, Peter - Cockpit Study.jpg BENJAMIN, Jason - Abbey.jpg
Peter Boggs
'In The Garden Of Dreams 3'

Mostyn Bramley Moore
'Friday Hut Road'

Cythia Breusch
'Rising Cloud'

BOGGS, Peter - In The Garden of Dreams 3.jpg

BRAMLEY-MOORE, Mostyn - Friday Hut Road.jpg

BREUSCH, Cynthia - Rising Cloud.jpg

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
'The Beginning of Everything:
Remembering The Distance'
Kate Briscoe
'Limestone Rockface Strata #4'
Robert Brownhall
'Man Walking, Ashgrove'

BRIMBLECOMBE FOX, Kathryn - The Beginning Of Everything - Remembering Distance.jpg

BRISCOE, Kate - Limestone Rockface Strata #4.jpg

BROWNHALL, Robert - Man Walking, Ashgrove.jpg

John Caldwell
'Towards Encounter Bay'

Tom Carment
'Port Botany'

Patrick Carroll
'The Bushfire (Series) Aftermath & Waterfall'

CALDWELL, John - Towards Encounter Bay.jpg

CARMENT, Tom - Port Botany.jpg

CARROLL, Patrick - The Bushfire, Aftermath & Waterfall.jpg

Ji Chen
'Bush Fire'

Zhong Chen
'Rainy Days'

Jason Cordero

'Within View Of Something Else'

CHEN, Ji - Bush Fire.jpg CHEN, Zhong - Rainy Days 19.jpg CORDERO, Jason - Within View Of Something Else.jpg

Sybil Curtis
'Sweet Tanks'

Marcel Desbiens
'Easter Morning'

Michael Eather
'Bass Strait Suite'

CURTIS, Sybil - Sweet Tanks.jpg

DESBIENS, Marcel - Easter Morning.jpg

EATHER, Michael - Bass Strait Suite.jpg
Melissa Egan
' Sitges, Spain'

Neil Frazer
'Deepest Cut'

Warwick Fuller
'Tree at Forbes'

EGAN, Melissa - Sitges.jpg FRAZER, Neil - Deepest Cut.jpg

Trees at Forbes.jpg

Joe Furlonger
'Wet Summer, Darling Downs'

Drew Gregory
'Outback Letterbox'

Paul Haggith
'The Lagoon'

FURLONGER, Joe.jpg GREGORY, Drew - Outback Letterbox.jpg HAGGITH, Paul - The Lagoon.JPG
Maureen Hansen
'New View from Wesley East Wing 2010'

David Hinchliffe
'Lockyer Valley Rising'

Peter Hudson
'After the Conversation'

HANSEN, Maureen - New View from Wesley East Wing 2010.jpg HINCHLIFFE, David - Lockyer Valley Rising.JPG HUDSON, Peter - After the Conversation.JPG
Micheal Nelson Jagamara
'Silver Lolly Tree'

Chris Kandis
'The Plateau, Blue Mountains'

Genevieve Kemmar Loy

JAGAMARA, Michael Nelson - Silver Lolly Tree.JPG KANDIS, Chris - The Plateau, Blue Mountains.jpg KEMARR LOY, Genevieve - Akwerlkerrmwerlkerr.JPG

Richard Kulma
'To Share That Hallowed Ground'

Elizabeth Kunoth Knwarray

Chris Langlois
'Darkwood No. 1'

KULMA, Richard - To Share That Hallowed Ground.jpg KUNOTH KNGWARRAY, Elizabeth - Awelye.jpg LANGLOIS, Chris - Darkwood No. 1.jpg
Mal Leckie
'Reeflines at Margaret'

Joanna Logue
'Track, Taralga'

Cowboy Loy Pwerl
'Bush Turkey Story'

LECKIE, Mal - Reeflines at Margaret.jpg LOGUE, Joanna - Track - Taralga 2.jpg LOY PWERL, Cowboy - Bush Turkey Story.jpg
Jeff Makin
'Millaa Millaa Falls'

Robert Malherbe
'Large Tree in Landscape II'

Bob Marchant
'Born to this Land'

MAKIN, Jeff - Millaa Millaa Falls.jpg MALHERBE, Robert - Large Tree in Landscape II.jpg MARCHANT, Bob - Born To This Land.jpg
Mandy Martin
'Desert Place II'
Laura Matthews

Scott McDougall
'Days Without Number, Havana, Cuba'

MARTIN, Mandy - Desert Place II.jpg

MATTHEWS, Laura -Grazing.jpg

MCDOUGALL, Scott - Days without number - Havana.jpg
Christopher McVinish
'Light on a Distant Building'
Michael McWilliams
'Decending Darkness'
David Middlebrook
'Yellow Desert & Clouds'
MCVINISH, Christopher - Light on a Distant Building.jpg MCWILLIAMS, Michael - DescendingDarkness.JPG MIDDLEBROOK, David - Yellow Desert & Clouds.JPG
John Millington
'Death of a Beach After Floods'

Joanne Currie Nalingu
'Maranda Relic'

Dorothy Napangardi
'Mina Mina'

MILLINGTON, John - Death of a Beach After Floods.JPG NALINGU, Joanne Currie - Maranda Relic.jpg NAPANGARDI, Dorothy - Mina Mina.jpg
Elliott Nimmo
'Ex Nihilo'

Adam Nudelman
'Reconstructing the Submerged Cathedral'

Kevin Oxley
'Murray Gums'

NIMMO, Elliott - Ex Nihilo.jpg NUDELMAN, Adam - Reconstructing the Submerged Cathedral.jpg OXLEY, Kevin - Murray Gums.jpg
Ian Parry
'Imago Mundi'

David Paulson
'September Reflections'

Amanda Penrose Hart
'In the River Bed'

PARRY, Ian - Imago Mundi.jpg PAULSON, David - September Reflections.jpg PENROSE HART, Amanda - In The River Bed.jpg
Leanne Prussing
'Emergency Fairdinkum II'

Kathryn Ryan
'Yorkshire Snowfall'

Paul Ryan
'I Cut a Clearing in the Land'

PRUSSING, Leanne - Emergency Fairdinkum 2.JPG RYAN, Kathryn - Yorkshire Snowfall.JPG RYAN, Paul - I cut a clearing in the land.jpg
Fusan Doria Saglam

Keren Seelander
'The Night Closes In'

Gria Shead
'High & Dry'

SAGLAM, Doria - Catharsis.jpg SEELANDER, Keren - The Night Closes In.JPG SHEAD, Gria - High and Dry.jpg
Peter Smets
'Road to Prosperity #2'

Ian Smith

Ken Smith
'Pink Plank'

SMETS, Peter - Road to Prosperity #2.jpg SMITH, Ian - IlandS.jpg SMITH, Ken - Pink Plank.jpg
Tanya Stubbles
'The Lovers Picnic at Hill End'

Robyn Sweaney

Neil Taylor
'The Burning Dawn'

STUBBLES, Tanya - The Lovers Picnic At Hill End.jpg SWEANEY, Robyn - Captive.jpg TAYLOR, Neil - The Burning Dawn.jpg
Sarah Tomasetti
'To the Edge of the Known World'
Barbara Tyson
'Larger Than Life'
Luke Wagner
'Journey, Memory, Day Three'

TOMESETTI, Sarah - To the Edge of the Known World.jpg

TYSON, Barbara - Larger Than Life.jpg WAGNER, Luke - Journey, Memory, Day Three.jpg
Ian Waldron
'Head'n Home'

Judith White
'Finke River, Dusk'

Naomi White
'Afternoon Stroll'

WALDRON, Ian - Head'n Home.jpg WHITE, Judith - Finke River,Dusk.jpg WHITE, Naomi - Afternoon Stroll.jpg
Jan Williamson
'Racing the Storm'

Kim Wilson
'Tables Turned'

Zhi Peng Wu

WILLIAMSON, Jan - Racing The Storm.jpg WILSON, Kim - Tables Turned.jpg Wu, Zhi Peng - Dusk.jpg

For all information and sales enquiries, please contact Bernie Hollett on (07) 3219 7217 or 0418 182 922.