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Sanctuary Cove 2011

Sanctuary Cove Art Festival 2011

The 2011 Sanctuary Cove Art Festival was a spectacular event enjoyed by families of the Brisbane and Gold Coast communities. The Sanctuary Cove Schools Eco Art Competition received an overwhelming response from local schools with over 220 entries. The General Exhibition was a stunning representation of over 200 works from Queensland artists. Musical performances from local schools A.B. Paterson College, St Hilda’s School, St Andrew’s Lutheran College, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar and Tweed River High School took to the main stage. Art classes by Noel Miller were enjoyed amongst the beautiful surrounds of the Marine Village. Families, young and old enjoyed art activities including face and body painting and delighted by spectacular entertainment from roving acts across the village precinct.

General Gallery - Main Pavilion

LSC Festival Pics 3.JPG

LSC Festival Pics 4.JPG

LSC Festival pics 060.jpg

LSC Festival pics 068.jpg

PSC Festival pics 012.jpg

PSC Festival pics 016.jpg

PSC Festival pics 018.jpg

PSC Festival pics 021.jpg

PSC Festival pics 037.jpg

PSC Festival pics 049.jpg

PSC Festival pics 055.jpg

PSC Festival pics 062.jpg

PSC Festival pics 087.jpg

PSC Festival pics 1.JPG

PSC Festival pics 111.jpg

PSC Festival pics 169.jpg

PSC Festival pics 171.jpg

PSC Festival pics 175.jpg

Schools Eco Art Competition - Main Pavilion

The 2011 Sanctuary Cove Schools Eco Art Competition was a huge success with 220 entries accross Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The competition was judged by Deputy Director of the Queensland College of Arts for Griffith University, Richard Blundell. Winners were announced at the festival opening ceremony Saturday 4th June.

PEco Art Pics 1.jpg

PEco Art Pics 2.jpg

PEco Art Pics 3.JPG

PEco Art Pics 12.jpg

PEco Art Pics 17.jpg

PEco Art Pics 20.jpg

PEco Art Pics 24.jpg

PEco Art Pics 30.jpg

PEco Art Pics 34.jpg

LEco Art Pics 13.jpg

LEco Art Pics 21.jpg

LEco Art Pics 23.jpg

Schools Eco Art Competition - Winners

Winners of the Schools Eco Art Competition took home prizes with thanks to our sposors Mulpha Sanctuary Cove, Australia Zoo, the Global Learning Centre and Chroma Paints.

Winners of the Prep to Year 3 Category - Darlington State School

Winners of the Year 4 to Year 7 Category - Wellers Hill State School

Winner for the Year 8 to Year 10 Category - Rochelle Helman from Helensvale State High School

Winner of the Year 11 to Year 12 Category - Scott Voevodin from A.B. Paterson College

Photography coutesy of Mark Burgin Photography:

LWinner - Darlington SS.jpg

LWinner - Wellers Hill.jpg

LWinner - Scott Voevodin.jpg

Art Festival - Body Art

Body Art - Milana Tornatore, The Face Painting Company

Photography coutesy of Helen McParlane Photography:

LBody Art 1.jpg

LBody Art 4.jpg

LBody Art 8.jpg

PBody Art 2.jpg

PBody Art 3.jpg

PBody Art 5.jpg