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Tattersall’s Landscape Art Prize

Art Promotions Queensland has organised this prestigious Art Prize since its inception. The first Tattersall’s Club Art Prize was held at the Club in October 1990. The acquisitive Art Prize, now in its twenty-fourth year is an exclusive invitation only event showcasing the works of Australia’s finest landscape artists.


Congratulations to the Winner of the 2013 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize:

Jun Chen -'Brisbane River'

CHEN, Jun - Brisbane River.jpg

2012 - Ian Smith ‘Decending Pyramids of Gladstone Road’

SMITH Ian - Descending Pyramids of Gladstone Road.jpg

2011- Joe Furlonger ‘Wet Summer, Darling Downs’

2011 Furlonger.jpg

2010-Davida Allen ‘Cattle in Fog at Sunrise’
2009 Euan Macleod ‘Painting Mountains’
2008-Lisa Adams ‘Cold Wind’
2007-Maureen Hansen ‘Riparian 27’
2006-Michael Nelson Jagamarra ‘Moving Storm’
2005-Craig Waddell ‘On the Wing’
2004-Hélène Grove ‘Queensland Country’
2003 - Sybil Curtis ‘Pink and Grey Cylinders’
2002 - David Middlebrook ‘Morning Desert Field’
2001-Sybil Curtis ‘A Triangle of Landscape’
2000-Euan Macleod ‘Two Views of Sawpit
1999-John Caldwell ‘Above Brachina Gorge’
1998- Peter Boggs ‘Vincenza Landscape’
1997-John Caldwell ‘Slopes and Tablelands’
1996-Marcel Desbiens ‘The Passage’
1995-Andrew Sibley ‘Kennettscape’
1994-Matthew Mc Cord ‘Rebirth’
1993-Kenneth Jack ‘Mount Painter’
1992 Dual Winner: John Millington 'Night Mill Sugartown'
1992 Dual Winner: Elisabeth Cummings ' Stradbroke Noon'
1991-Jeffrey Makin ‘Rubicon Valley’
1990-Gordon Shepherdson ‘Leaving the Garden’