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Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize 2012

Tattersall's Club Logo.png

2012 Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize

The invitation only 2012 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize was hosted at the Tattersall's Club of Brisbane between Monday 3rd to Friday 7th September. The winner was announced at the opening night Cocktail party, Wednesday 5th. The exhibition will be on display to the general public in the foyer of Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street Brisbane, between Monday 10th - Friday 21st September.

For all information and sales enquiries, please contact Bernie Hollett on (07) 3219 7217 or 0418 182 922.

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2012 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize:

Ian Smith
'Descending Pyramids of Gladstone Road'

SMITH Ian - Descending Pyramids of Gladstone Road.jpg

Congratulations to the Highly Commended:

John Beard

'Diamond Bay II'

Rachel Ellis

'Bathurst Landscape - William Street'

BEARD John - Diamond Bay II.jpg

Rachel Ellis.jpg

Dorothy Napangardi


NAPANGARDI Dorothy - Sandhills.jpg

Congratulations to the Commended:

Robert Malherbe
'Cudgegong River'

Reko Rennie

'Naomi River - Kamilaroi - New South Wales'

MALHERBE Robert - Cudgegong River.jpg

RENNIE Reko - Namoi River.jpg

Congratulations to the winner of the 2012 Tattersall's Club Members Choice Award:

Neil Frazer
'Blue Chamber'

FRAZER, Neil - Blue Chamber.jpg

Below are the images of all of the entries for the 2012 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize. For all information and sales enquiries, please contact Bernie Hollett on (07) 3219 7217 or 0418 182 922.

Rick Amor

'Recycled Concrete Plant'

Peter Anderson

'Balls Bay, Norfolk Island'

Daryl Austin

'The View from the Second Floor of GOMA''

AMOR Rick - Recycled Concrete Plant.jpg

ANDERSON Peter - Balls Bay, Norfolk Island.jpg AUSTIN Daryl - GOMA 2010.jpg
Min Woo Bang

Luke Barker

John Beard
'Diamond Bay II'

BANG Min Woo - Dusk.jpg

BARKER Luke - Insomnia.jpg

BEARD John - Diamond Bay II.jpg

Jason Benjamin
'Great Adventures'
John Bokor
'The Playing Fields, Bulli'
Mostyn Bramley-Moore

BENJAMIN Jason - Great Adventures.jpg

BOKOR John - The Playing Fields, Bulli.jpeg

Bramley Moore.jpg

Cythia Breusch
'Playground by Moonlight'

Kathryn Brimblecombe Fox
'Cosmic Dust'

Robert Brownhall
'The Go Between Under Construction'

BREUSCH Cynthia - Playground by Moonlight.jpg

BRIMBLECOMBE-FOX Kathryn - Cosmic Dust.jpg

BROWNHALL Robert - Go Between Bridge Under Construction.jpg

John Caldwell
'Riverina Storm'

Tom Carment
'Winter Evenings, Kings Cross'

Patrick Carroll

'Hillside and Waterline Gundagai NSW'

CALDWELL John - Riverina Storm.jpg

CARMENT Tom - Winter Evenings, Kings Cross.jpg

CARROLL Patrick - Hillside and Waterline - Gundagai NSW.jpg

Jun Chen
'Green Farm'

Zhong Chen
'Winter Days'

Jason Cordero
'A Good Place to Start'

CHEN Jun - Green Farm.jpg

CHEN Zhong - Winter Days.jpg

CORDERO Jason - A good place to start.jpg

Dale Cox
' Untitled - Tract 17'

Michael Eather
'Remembering the Narrabeen;
Going Back To Brisbane'

Melissa Egan
'On Tom's Dam'

COX Dale - Tract 17.jpg

EATHER Michael - Remembering Narrabeen; Going back to Brisbane.jpg

EGAN Melissa - On Tom's Dam.jpg

Rachl Ellis
'Bathurst Landscape - William Street'

Gail English
'Somebody Else's Country'

Robert Ewing
'Somewhere Between Memory and Imaginings III'

ELLIS Rachel - Bathurst Landscape- William street.jpg

ENGLISH Gail - Someone else's country.jpg

EWING Robert - Somewhere between memory and imaginings III.bmp

Alix Fairbairn
'Philip Street Terminus'

Vincent Fantauzzo

Graham Fransella
'River Track'

FAIRBAIRN Alix - Phillip Street Terminus.jpg

FANTAUZZO Vincent - Untitled.jpg

FRANSELLA Graham -.jpg

Neil Frazer
'Blue Chamber'

Darren Gannon

Ivan Goodacre
'Cowra Sunset'

FRAZER, Neil - Blue Chamber.jpg

GANNON Darren - Willow.JPG

GOODACRE Ivan - Cowra Sunset.jpg

Ian Grant
'Red Hillside'

Drew Gregory
'Drover's Hut'

Paul Haggith
'Drifting Above'

GRANT Ian - Red Hillside.jpg

GREGORY Drew - Drovers' Hut.jpg

HAGGITH Paul - Drifting Above.jpg

Maureen Hansen
'Twin Tree; After O'Keefe's Laurel Tree'

Benjamin Hedstrom
'Reservoir Street Cafe - Surry Hills'

Neil Hicks
'Spindrift Wages'


HEDSTROM Benjamin - Reservoir Street Cafe - Surry Hills.jpg

HICKS Neil - Spindrift Stages.jpg

David Hinchliffe
'Blood Red'

Peter Hudson
'Coochin Creek'

Michael Nelson Jagamara
'Yam at Pikilyi'

HINCHLIFFE David - Blood Red.JPG

HUDSON Peter - Coochin Creek.jpg

JAGAMARA Michael Nelson - Yam at Pikilyi.jpg

David Keeling
'She-Oak, Afternoon Light; The view from my window''
Genevieve Kemmar Loy
'Bush Turkey Tracks in my Country'

Elizabeth Kunoth Knwarray
'Leaves and Roots of the Bush Potato'

KEELING David - She-Oak Afternoon Light; The view from my window.jpg

KEMMAR LOY Genevieve - Bush Turkey Tracks in my Country.JPG

KUNOTH KNWARRY Elizabeth - Leaves and Roots of the Bush Potato.JPG

Chris Langlois
'Waterfield no. 9'
Cowboy Low Pwerl
'Bush Turkey Dreaming'
Jeff Makin
'Mt Zero Accross Lake Taylor'

LANGLOIS Chris - Waterfield no9.jpg

LOY PWERL Cowboy - Bush Turkey Dreaming.JPG

MAKIN Jeff - Mt Zero from Lake Taylor.jpg

Robert Malherbe
'Cudgegong River'

Laura Matthews
'By the Light'

Scott McDougall
'Mojito Y Che - Carraige Works, Redfern'

MALHERBE Robert - Cudgegong River.jpg

MATTHEWS Laura - By The Light.jpg

MCDOUGALL Scott - Carriageworks.jpg

Alexander McKenzie
'Fleeing Fire'

Christopher McVinish
'Sunday Morning'

Michael McWilliams
'Sunday Afternoon in the Country'

MCKENZIE Alexander - Fleeing Fire.JPG

MCVINISH Christopher - Sunday Morning.jpg

MCWILLIAMS Michael - Sunday Afternoon in the Country.jpeg

Joanne Currie Nalingu
'Blood River Golden Shield'

Dorothy Napangardi

Elliott Nimmo
'Silver Birches'

NALINGU - Joanne - Blood river golden shield.jpg

NAPANGARDI Dorothy - Sandhills.jpg

NIMMO Elliott - Silver Birches.jpg

Amanda Parer

David Paulson
'Reflection III'

Amanda Penrose Hart

PARER Amanda - Welt.jpg

PAULSON David - Reflection III.jpg

PENROSE HART - Amanda - Maneela.jpg

Nick Perrin
'High Plain Drifters'

Caroline Rannersberger'
'Quiet Bay'

Reko Rennie
'Naomi River - Kamilaroi, NSW'

PERRIN Nick - High Plain Drifters.jpg

RANNERSBERGER Caroline - Quiet Bay.jpg

RENNIE Reko - Namoi River.jpg

Leo Robba
'View of the Artist's Garden'

Paul Ryan
'North by Northwest'

Keren Seelander
'Dark Night'

ROBBA Leo - View of the Artists' Garden.jpg

RYAN Paul - North by Northwest.png

SEELANDER Keren - Dark Night.jpg

Raelene Sharp
'The Kiss of Light'

Peter Smets
'Morning Talk'

Ian Smith
'Decending Pyramids of Gladstone Road'

SHARP Raelene - The Kiss of Light.jpg

SMETS Peter - Morning Talk.jpg

SMITH Ian - Descending Pyramids of Gladstone Road.jpg

Adrianne Strampp
'Grey Garden'
Robyn Sweaney
'Poinciana Street Summer'
Neil Taylor
'The Sky on the Ground'

STRAMPP Adriane - Grey Garden.jpg

SWEANEY Robyn - Poinciana Street Summer.jpg

TAYLOR Neil - The Sky On The Ground.jpg

Luke Wagner
'I Don't Need to Know'

Ian Waldron
'Rdeemp; Bark of Tree'

Judith White
'Figures in Landscape Past and Present'

WAGNER Luke - I Don't Need to Know.JPG

WALDRON - Ian - Rdeemp Bark of Tree.jpg

WHITE Judith - Figures in Landscape Past & Present..jpg

Naomi White
'Secret Path'

Kim Wilson
'Sanctuary I'

Allan Wolf-Tasker
'Freshwater Creek'

WHITE Naomi - Secret Path.jpg

WILSON Kim - Sanctuary I.jpg

WOLF-TASKER Allan - Freshwater Creek.jpg

Zhi Peng Wu
'After Rain'

Joshua Yeldham
'Yeoman's Bay'

WU Zhi Peng - After Rain.jpg


For all information and sales enquiries, please contact Bernie Hollett on (07) 3219 7217 or 0418 182 922.